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    Default How soon after crown fitted will I be pain free?

    Just had my crown fitted on the implant and when I bite into food I get a bit of pain resulting in me using the other side of my mouth to eat. What is strange is if I intentionally bite my finger there is no pain.

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    I definitely had some pain too, that is on the successful implant (I had two which fell out, see my thread!). And I found, that when you press or tap it did not hurt.
    I think it went on for about 4 or 5 days and after that I could use it without thinking about it, what I found strange was at first, the feeling that it was not "giving", kind of a rigid sensation. But I am used to this now too. I am sure you will be fine, especially as it is only a single one, I think crowns and bridges are more complicated.

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    I would go back to your dentist if the pain persists, how long ago was the crown fitted as it may just be a bit of tenderness around the gum area which will heal over time. You should be completely fine within 2-3 weeks of having the crown fitted. Always best to check with the dentist that fitted the crown to your implant though. Let us know how you got on

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