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    Default I need help, dental implants incl. screws fallen out!

    I am so pleased to have found this forum.

    Last night two implants, plus crowns and bridge including screws have fallen out.

    It was a really difficult, lenghty and bloody procedure when the dentist fitted the healing screw, took the imprints and then a week later fitted the crowns back in May and I was in pain for a long time afterwards.
    I am really scared to go back and have the whole procedure repeated.

    Can an implant be left in the jawbone for good, it looks like the gum around the screw holes are already healing over, and not have anything further done (they are on the lower right/molars)?

    I had the implants etc. done abroad because I could not afford it here , but now I would just like it resolved, without too much pain no matter the cost. I have also one new implant upper left 2 which needs to heal and finished off with bridge and crowns.
    Thank you for your help.

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    It may be possible to bury the implant and render it unusable. This happens a lot, the only other alternative would be to see if we can figure out what implant it is and see if it's useable. Unfortunately with it being done abroad, it may not be a regulated implant company

    I hope this helps

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    Thanks very much Dr. Khaira, in the mean time I had it screwed back in, but it hurt so, so much and I was in pain for several days, but now, thank god, it seems to work, no more pain, I can eat on the two bridged crowns, I am going to get a mouthguard because I do clench my teeth in the night. But I would still like to finish my treatment in this country, the implant was a alpha bio, do you think a dentist would want to carry on and finish the treatment in this country, could they get the healing screw and then the abutment to fit an alpha bio implant. This implant is in the upper jaw and has healed really well, it could be finished off in about 2 months time, but I feel so guilty because I started treatment abroad and I am too afraid to ask.

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