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    Default replacement crowns

    Hi all

    I have 4 crowns that were fitted 10 years ago, (4 upper front teeth). As I am having my teeth whitened I would like the crowns replaced to match, I am also unhappy with the shape of my existing crowns.

    Is there a considerable risk to having crowns replaced? any one have an experience to share?


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    The risk is dependent as to the condition of the tooth underneath. If it's in pretty good shape then replacing the crowns is straight forward

    I hope this helps

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    The risk is minimal if the crowns are cut off and sectioned rather than
    leveraged or pulled off.

    Before this is done, impressions should be taken so that a wax template
    of the proposed new shape can be made. When the time comes to replace
    the crowns (after the whitening of the other teeth), this will allow
    temporary or prototype crowns that will preview the new shape allowing
    you to confirm your approval. If not these prototypes can act as the
    starting point for further changes if required. It is appropriate to
    confirm that 4 crowns will achieve the changes you wish as other changes
    could be achieved with porcelain veneers if desired.

    To this end you should see a dentist that understands all aspects of
    what makes an attractive smile so that this can be discussed with you. I
    would suggest an accredited member of the British academy of cosmetic
    dentistry or at the least a full member of this academy
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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