Enlighten deep bleaching

Enlighten deep bleaching claims to whiten "even the darkest of teeth", giving more reliable and dramatic results than home kits or power bleaching.

How does Enlighten deep bleaching work?

Your dentist first takes an impression of your teeth so that custom-made deep bleaching trays can be produced. Following this, each night for 14 consecutive nights, the trays are to be worn in conjunction with a gentle whitening gel. On day 15, you should visit your dentist for a one-hour deep bleaching treatment to really whiten the teeth. This can result in teeth appearing up to 14-16 shades lighter.

How long do the effects of Enlighten deep bleaching last?

To maintain this effect, the trays should be worn for one night every eight weeks. This technique has been found to be successful, with approximately 95% of all cases achieving shade B1 or even lighter. If used correctly, the results of deep bleaching can be permanent. The treatment's success is due to the unique design of the bleaching tray, as it allows maximum contact between the whitening gels and the teeth. These gels are specially created to minimise sensitivity while allowing a longer duration of effect.

Does Enlighten deep bleaching cause sensitivity?

As with all teeth-whitening treatments, patients may encounter some sensitivity when using the Enlighten system. However, the treatment combats this temporary effect by providing a desensitising swab, original to the Enlighten system, that can be used at home.

If maintained correctly, there is no reason why you should not benefit from the effects of the system forever, and your dentist will be happy to advise you of all maintenance guidelines so you can continue appreciating the benefits of your treatment.