Yorkshire dental duo supports vulnerable women and children in Sri Lanka

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A pair of dentists from Yorkshire has invested in an innovative charity initiative to support vulnerable women and girls in Sri Lanka. 

Drs Catherine McCanny Hendron and Martina Hodgson decided to support the Rosie May Foundation after seeing a presentation at an Inspiring Women in Dentistry event. The duo has now contributed to new pink tuk-tuks as part of a series of programmes that the foundation is running to make a difference to women’s lives in Sri Lanka. The tuk-tuks enable women to get around safely and freely, promoting independence and opening up opportunities.

Having heard about the work of the Rosie May Foundation, which is based in Nottingham, both dentists decided that they wanted to support the charity. Catherine, from St Michael’s Orthodontics in Wakefield, chose to make her donation to celebrate her 500th Invisalign treatment, while Martina, from The Dental Studio in East Ardsley, donated £50 per Invisalign treatment. Between them, the dentists raised enough to buy two brand new, bright pink tuk-tuks. 

Catherine said that both her and Martina were compelled to show their support for the foundation after hearing about the incredible work the organisation does to support women and children in Sir Lanka and Nepal. It’s virtually impossible for single mothers to support a family and run a household without the help of charities like the Rosie May Foundation and women and girls face risks on a daily basis. Providing tuk-tuks eliminates the risks of assault and abuse that come with taking public transport, and women have the freedom to take advantage of career opportunities. The tuk-tuks also provide a safe way of travelling to school for young girls.

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