York Dentist Helping To Make A Difference To Children In Nepal

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A dentist from York has recently returned from a charity trip to Nepal, where she has been helping children affected by child prostitution.

Andrea Ubhi, who works at a cosmetic dental practice in Stonegate, visited Nepal as part of a project organised by Asha Nepal, an organisation, which supports women and children affected by trafficking and prostitution and strives for social and economic improvements in poor areas of the country.

Andrea is an award-winning dentist, having been crowned Dentist of the Year North in 2013 and Dentist of the Year in 2005. During her recent trip to Nepal, she spent time at a rehabilitation and reintegration facility in Kathmandu, helping to support children who had been caught up in child prostitution. The centre, which is home to between 15 and 20 girls has recently become the base for a group of girls who were rescued from India.

Andrea said that she decided to support Asha Nepal after meeting UK representatives of the charity. At the time she was considering charity projects and wanted to get involved in something that would genuinely make a difference to people in need. She was inspired by Asha Nepal and decided to go out to Kathmandu to see for herself the amazing work the charity is doing for children.

During her time at the centre, Andrea provided the girls with basic dental care and handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes to help them reduce their risk of developing decay in the future. She also talked to the children about oral hygiene and showed them how to brush their teeth properly.

Andrea is now planning a charity hike in the Himalayas during the Easter break next year.

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