X Factor’s Sam Bailey Says Bullying Prompted Her to Have Cosmetic Dental Work

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X Factor winner Same Bailey has revealed that bullying prompted her to have cosmetic dental treatment.

Sam, who won the ITV show in 2013, said she received a lot of abuse on social media during and after the final and this prompted her to consider undergoing treatment. People were making nasty comments about her smile, especially the gap between her front teeth, making her incredibly self-conscious.

Sam said she has always lacked confidence when it came to showing off her smile, but the negative attention after appearing on the X Factor forced her to do something about it. Thanks to her victory, she was able to afford treatment and was eager to feel more confident and stop people from criticising her.

Speaking to press at the launch of her second album, Sam revealed she had seen a dentist for treatment, but insisted that she’s not keen to have any additional cosmetic treatment any time soon. She commented that she’s not happy with the lines on her forehead, but said she doesn’t want to have fillers or Botox treatment and is worried that too many people, especially women, are under pressure to have treatment at a very young age.

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