Work stress ‘can lead to problems with teeth’

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Stress in the workplace could lead to serious dental problems, it has been claimed.

Reported by South African press agency IOL, people under stress often suffer from bruxism – the unconscious act of grinding teeth and jaw clenching.

Bruxism can also be caused by poor dental work or jaw misalignment the news source continued, adding that the condition can often be painful.

Ingrid Peroz, a lecturer of jaw-bone issues at Berline’s Charite hospital, said: "A change in the shape of the teeth or a smoothly worn cusp are indications of bruxism at night."

According to Ms Peroz, when the condition is diagnosed, dentists often recommend a plastic mouth guard for the sufferer to wear when sleeping.

"It does not stop grinding but protects the teeth from abrasion," she added.

Problems of bruxism were recently reported in Arabian Business magazine, which claimed the condition could lead to fractures and tooth erosion.

It cited figures by the American Dental Association which claim 95 per cent of adults are affected by it at some time in their lives.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18445777-ADNFCR

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