Withheld Dental Records Cause Delay In Jamaican Murder Case

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A murder case in Jamaica has stalled after an orthodontist refused to disclose the victim’s dental records.

Trinidadian teacher, Michelle Coudray-Greaves was murdered in June; she was reported missing on the 1st June and her body was found near Montego Bay two weeks later; she was the daughter of the Gender, Youth and Child Development Minister.

According to a report in the local press, the court had to be adjourned after the victim’s orthodontist refused to disclose her dental records, which are very important to the case. The report claimed that the orthodontist is refusing to provide the evidence until he has been paid.

Taxi driver, Ivan Taylor, from Westmorelands, is suspected of the murder.

On Wednesday, magistrate, Sandra Wong-Small, was forced to adjourn court because the prosecution would not disclose DNA and telephone records and forensic reports. It is believed that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, will now be asked to intervene in the case.

The next hearing will take place on the 8th January.

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