Widow wins compensation over poor dental work

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A widow from Droylsden, Lancashire has been awarded fifty thousand pounds after a dental procedure to fix a crooked tooth did not work correctly.

Seventy five year old Jean Wall decided to visit her dentist to address a crooked front tooth that had been bothering her for a number of years. She found the courage to visit a dentist, Dr. Oscar Kwame Gagoh, in March of 2007 and a treatment plan was discussed. Mrs. Wall agreed to have large-scale cosmetic treatment that involved the fitting of veneers, crowns, white fillings and dental bleaching. The original cost of the entire treatment came between eight thousand and ten thousand pounds; however, Mrs. Wall ended up paying another dentist around thirty thousand pounds to repair the damage caused by the work done by Dr. Gagoh.

Mrs. Wall stated that the poor treatment “almost wrecked her life” and was quoted as saying; ‘I looked like a mess. I have nerve damage, the pain was unbearable, I couldn’t eat, drink or swallow properly.’ It took her legal team three years to track down Dr. Gagoh, who had moved to Michigan in the United States from the UK with a total of 13 court cases outstanding.

Dr. Gagoh did not comment on the outstanding court cases, or his move to the US, but was quoted as saying; ‘I remember the patient well. She was given a mirror and saw the work. If she was not happy, why did she allow me to continue? This is nonsense.’



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