Why Adding Pomegranates Can Benefit Oral Health

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Pomegranates may not be the most obvious choice if you fancy adding a piece of fruit to your lunchbox, but studies have found that they have a host of health benefits.

The pomegranate is a fleshy deep red fruit, which is filled with vibrant coloured seeds; it is often found in salads and pomegranate juice has become very popular in recent years, as people look for healthier alternatives to fizzy drinks.

Joanna Blythman, author of What To Eat, is actively encouraging people to eat more pomegranate, as she claims that it can have a dramatic impact on your health. In her book, Blythman cites research studies, which show that eating pomegranate or drinking juice helps to combat inflammation, which reduces the risk of inflammatory conditions, such as strokes and heart attacks. There is a substantial amount of evidence to suggest that pomegranate juice helps to improve circulation, by preventing clotting and increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart.

Researchers believe that the juice is so beneficial because it contains ellagitannin compounds, which are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease; it also contains vitamin C and E.

Researchers also believe that pomegranate juice possesses antibacterial properties, which help to combat dental plaque, the most common cause of dental decay and gum disease.

According to Blythman, the best pomegranates come from Turkey and Iran.



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