Whitby dentists celebrate National Smile Month

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Dentists at the new practice in Whitby have kicked off a series of events to celebrate National Smile Month.

National Smile Month is being celebrated all over the UK and a series of events, activities and educational classes are taking place in order to spread the word about the importance of good oral health, teach people about oral hygiene and visiting the dentist and encourage kids to get involved in oral health. The campaign will run until the 16th June.

The staff at Whitby

’s new practice, Whitby Dental Care, are encouraging people to make a few simple changes to their lives in order to improve their oral health. In  order to improve standards of oral health, dentists are urging people to cut down on sweet and sugary foods and fizzy drinks, brush their teeth at least twice a day and visit their dentist at least once a year for a routine check-up. Following this basic formula will help to reduce the likelihood of developing serious oral health problems including decay and gum disease.

Oral health is extremely important because it contributes to general health; in addition, having a healthy smile is likely to make people feel more confident and research has shown that a person’s smile is often the basis of a positive first impression and this can be very important in both social and professional circumstances. Dentists from Whitby Dental Care are committed to enabling people to keep their teeth and gums healthy and enjoy a healthy looking, attractive smile.

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