Which? Reveals Dental Insurance Could Actually Cost Patients More

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Research conducted by consumer group, Which? has revealed that dental insurance could actually end up costing patients more.

A survey by Which? Money found that patients could save money simply by attending regular check-ups with their dentist, rather than forking out for dental insurance policies. Researchers examined 20 different policies and found that people with good oral health were likely to end up paying more if they decided to take out dental insurance.

The Which? report stated that it is difficult to see how paying for dental insurance would be cost effective for people who have good oral health and are happy to use NHS dental services and attend regular routine check-ups.

The report said that dental insurance may be a good idea for people who are likely to need dental treatment on a regular basis; the NHS-only policies are particularly beneficial for patients who need treatment because most do not have a limit on the number of courses of treatment covered.

Private dental policies may not be as cost-effective because most only cover between 50 and 60 per cent of treatment costs.

Which? also carried out a study into private dental costs across the UK, which revealed significant differences between fees in areas of the UK; Edinburgh was one of the most expensive places for private patients with average fees for a check up of £74; Glasgow was one of the cheapest with a check-up costing just £27 on average

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