West Oxfordshire Dental Patients Advised To Visit The Tooth Bus

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Residents of West Oxfordshire who have not visited a dentist for more than two years are being invited to visit the tooth bus, as it tours around the area. The tooth bus will be in the region towards the end of the month as part of its tour around the county.

The tooth bus has already treated more than 600 people in Oxfordshire. It is designed to provide free dental check-ups to patients who have not seen a dentist for more than two years to try and encourage people to make the most of the dental services available to them.

The bus is staffed by a team of dental professionals and equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The tooth bus will be visiting Burford between the 30th January and the 1st February and will be stationed in the Guildenford car park. Walk-in appointments will be available, but the team recommends booking an appointment in advance.

Shapour Hariri, from Iosis Dental Clinic, urged anyone who has not seen a dentist for a long time to come down and see the team. The most common problems detected by the team have been gum disease and decay; patients who have problems are referred to an NHS dentist for further treatment.

The bus offers free check-ups, as well as oral hygiene treatments and advice about oral hygiene and diet.

Information about the tooth bus is available online.

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