West Auckland Dental Practice To Host Free Dental Day In Time For Christmas

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A dental practice in West Auckland is hosting a free dental day to give people something to smile about this Christmas.

DentalCare West is hosting the event on Friday 21st December; the practice did the same last year and more than 350 people turned up at the clinic and waited patiently in line. Some people arrived as early as 3am. In total the team treated more than 100 people and donated more than $25,000 worth of dental treatment.

Tania and her father, George, who is 80 years old, were two of the lucky recipients of free dental care last year; they travelled almost 250 kilometres from Kaikohe and waited in line in the early hours of the morning to see a dentist. Tania said that they had made the journey because George had been suffering from bad toothache for a long time and he was unable to afford to see a dentist; she said that the team at DentalCare West sorted him out free of charge and added that the dental day really is a ray of hope just before Christmas.

Dr Scott Waghorn, owner of the practice, said that free dental day is a chance to help people so that they can enjoy the festive period; for many people dental care is out of reach and this event is a means of providing those people with the services and care they need.

Dr Waghorn said that a range of treatments will be available on the day and advised patients to come early to avoid disappointment; doors will be open at 8am and the first 100 people will be guaranteed an appointment.

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