Waterlooville firm provides innovative virus-killing technologies for dental surgeries

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A firm based in Waterlooville, Hampshire, is helping struggling dental surgeries to survive the Coronavirus crisis by providing innovative, rapid virus-killing technologies. 

PSI Technologies has produced Ultra Violet Dental Solutions, a cutting-edge form of technology, which kills bacteria and viruses in a matter of minutes. Using Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), practices can now sanitise treatment rooms without the need for fallow periods between patients.

In recent months, dental clinics all over the UK have faced unprecedented financial challenges as a result of having to close for long periods of time and restrict patient numbers. Under current guidelines, an hour-long fallow period is required, which means that dentists can only see a certain number of patients per day, leading to reduced income. 

The technology, which is now in use at Clarendon Dental Practice, is also employed in hospitals across the UK and at Heathrow Airport. The UV light penetrates the DNA of the virus before using radiation to kill it within just 90 seconds. 

Managing director of PSI Technologies, James Devereux, explained that the process is incredibly easy. Dentists simply turn on the machine, which is a small device made from stainless steel, and then leave the room. After 2 minutes, the space will be ready to use again. 

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