Wantage dental hygienist visits schools to teach children how to keep their smiles sparkling

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A dental hygienist from Wantage has paid local schools and nurseries a visit to teach children how to keep their smiles in check.

Fiona Stovold, from Portway Dental Care, has visited a series of local schools and youth and children’s groups to talk to children about healthy eating, the dangers of eating too much sugar and teeth cleaning. Fiona uses interactive resources and plans fun activities to enable children to learn about the importance of looking after the teeth and gums and to encourage kids to perfect their brushing skills and choose healthy foods. 

Fiona has been working as a dental hygienist for over two decades, and she thoroughly enjoys getting out and about, meeting children and providing them with information that will help them keep their teeth sparkling for years to come. 

Recently, Fiona visited some of the practice’s patients at a local school, and 10-year-old Keira Ludlam said that she found the session really fun and that Fiona and her colleague, dentist, Angeline, make going to the dentist much less scary. Keira said that she usually doesn’t mind going for a check-up, but she gets nervous if she thinks she might need an X-ray or a filling. If she gets anxious, Angeline and Fiona are there to help, and they make her feel relaxed and at ease. 

Fiona decided to start visiting schools and talking to local children about dental hygiene and healthy eating because she sees the damage a lack of education and awareness can do, and she’s passionate about giving kids the best start in life. Decay is the most common childhood illness, but in the vast majority of cases, it is preventable.

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