Visiting the dentist has long-term benefits for young children

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Paediatric dentists are urging parents to take their children for routine examinations from an early age.

Many parents assume that their children do not need to go to the dentist until they start school, or they start to develop their adult teeth; however, dental experts are keen for parents to bring children to see their dentists much earlier than this. Dentists are urging parents to consider bringing their child for regular check-ups from the age of twelve months old.

Dentists are also eager for parents to teach their children about oral hygiene as soon as they start to develop their baby teeth; parents can encourage children to look after their teeth and gums by making teeth cleaning part of their daily routine and giving them toothpaste and a toothbrush with their favourite television or film characters on. It is also important for children to learn about healthy eating and the impact that sugary foods and acidic drinks can have on their teeth; increasingly, young children are visiting dentists with advanced decay and this is largely due to a lack of oral hygiene and poor eating habits.

Visiting the dentist from an early age will enable dentists to keep an eye on any developing oral health conditions or problems, which can then be treated before they get any worse; preventative treatments can also help to reduce the risk of children suffering from complex dental problems in the future. Introducing children to their dentist at an early age can also help them to build a strong and trusting relationship with their dentist and will reduce the likelihood of them suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia further down the line; this will help to ensure they attend regular appointments during adulthood, which will undoubtedly improve their overall standards of oral health. 

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