Unemployed Dentists in India Campaigning for Jobs

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A group of unemployed dentists in India has handed over a petition to chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav last week. The jobless dental surgeons claim that they are being forced to take on odd jobs, despite having a high level of expertise and qualifications.

Dentists claim that there are thousands of Government jobs available for doctors, but only 277 for dentists. Group leader, Mujib Alam, said that the situation was alarming, especially as access to dental care is extremely poor in many areas of the country, especially rural communities where oral diseases are very common.

According to the Indian Dental Association, half of the population suffers from a dental disease and unemployed dentists are campaigning for Government jobs to provide a solution to both problems: more dentists would enable more people to see a dentist, which would subsequently improve standards of oral health and help to reduce the rates of decay and gum disease.

Alam said that dentists should be encouraged to work in primary care centres to enable members of the public to undergo regular checks and help to reduce the rates of oral diseases and encourage people to adopt better oral hygiene and eating habits.


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