UK Dental Graduates Missing Out On Training Places

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Professor Michael Lewis, dean of Cardiff University Dental School, said that the next generation of dentists are missing out on valuable training places because students from the EU do not have to complete the one-year foundation training, which is compulsory for UK students.

Professor Lewis said that a growing number of students are missing out on places, which means that they are not able to complete the training they need to work for the NHS. Lewis added that the UK is an attractive option for foreign students.

UK graduates are required to complete their foundation training within 18 months of finishing their undergraduate degree programme, which means that students who struggle to get a place after graduating may have to rethink their career options. Some students will be faced with up to £50,000 worth of debt by the time they get a job.

Professor Lewis has called for changes to the system to ensure that UK dentists are protected. Last year, 35 graduates were refused funding for the DF1 course and this year there is expected to be a shortfall of around 187.

Professor Lewis said that the current system is unjust, as European gradates can register to work in the NHS without any foundation training, while UK graduates are refused work unless they have completed the DF1 training course.

Dr Martin Nimmo, chair of the British Dental Association’s Young Dentists Committee, has set up a petition calling for all UK dental graduates to get a DF1 training place.

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