Trowbridge dental practice hires new team members following expansion

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A dental practice in Trowbridge has hired new members of staff after adding an extension. The premises occupied by Coleman & Starkey now boasts a rear ground floor extension, which offers an accessible entrance for patients using wheelchairs and mobility aids. 

Having completed the expansion plans, the owners of the clinic, Mike Coleman and Mike Starkey, have added to their team. Two new dentists, Helen Bartlett and George Lazaridis, have joined, and there are also three new dental nurses. 

Mr Coleman founded the practice in 1990 and he was joined by Mr Starkey in 2010. Over the years, the business has grown, and the extension will enable further development. 

Speaking about the project, Mr Starkey described the new rear extension as “great” and said that it was hugely beneficial to have an accessible entrance for disabled patients. As the practice team prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the clinic in April, it seemed like a good time to expand and to add new faces.

As well as enabling easy access for disabled patients and those with mobility issues, the extension has also created more usable space for treatment and provided extra room for patients who are waiting to see their dentist.

The practice has around 4,000 regular patients, in addition to 2,000 more who tend to visit when they need treatment. 

With the 30th anniversary looming, the management duo claims that the expansion has breathed new life into the building and given patients and staff a boost.

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