Tooth whitening ‘can boost confidence’

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Cosmetic dentistry could boost people’s self-confidence and help put a spring in their step, it has been claimed.

A Canadian poll suggested that having whiter teeth would help people increase their confidence and see individuals smile and flirt more.

However, only a third of the three-quarters of respondents to the survey who indicated they want whiter teeth have actually tried teeth whiteners.

Commenting on the survey, Toronto-based dentists Dr Charles Botbol suggested that while people may be a little apprehensive about cosmetic tooth whitening, "a perfect smile isn’t as unattainable as you may think".

According to the Dental Health website, tooth whitening is "highly effective" when a person wants to lighten the colour of their teeth yet leave surfaces intact.

It states that professional bleaching is the most common tooth whitening procedure.

Other forms of treatment opted for by patients include laser whitening, which is sometimes referred to as power whitening, and involves using a light to activate the chemical used to whiten teeth.

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