Tooth fairy cuts back as recession his America

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Most people have tightened their belts in recent years as a result of turbulent economic times and recent figures have indicated that even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the pinch, as the average amount received by children has decreased.

Statistics from a survey in America show that the average rate has dropped from $3 to $2.60 over the course of the last twelve months and 10 percent of children received nothing in exchange for their baby teeth; last year, only 6 percent of children did not receive money from the Tooth Fairy.

The telephone survey, which was carried out in conjunction with Visa, involved 1,006 adults; the aim of the survey was to encourage parents to use the Tooth Fairy as a means of talking to their children about money.

The American Dental Association said that most children have all their baby teeth by the age of 3 and losing a full set of 20 teeth can be costly for parents; at an average of $3 per tooth, this is an outgoing of $60, which many people simply do not have in this day and age. Despite the economic troubles, the survey does confirm that most parents are doing their best to keep the magical story of the Tooth Fairy alive; of the adults interviewed, 94 percent gave their child money on behalf of the Tooth Fairy.




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