Tooth Extractions Earning Money For Charity in East Grinstead

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The Tooth Fairy has increased payment rates considerably, with each tooth extracted earning £250 for charity in East Grinstead. Parents can earn £250 for charity by sending their child’s tooth to a biobank in Nottingham.

The High Street Dental Practice has joined forces with Future Health Biobank to support stem cell research; when teeth are sent to the biobank, the stem cells are removed and stored in preparation for fighting a host of illnesses later in life.

High Street Dental Practice dentist, Jaspal Sandhu, said that the development is very exciting and everyone is delighted to have teamed up with the Future Health Biobank, a leading stem cell collection firm.

Each tooth that is extracted at the practice earns £250 for the surgery, which is then donated to the charity, Jigsaw 4 U, which supports children and youngsters who have suffered from trauma or bereavement.

Storing stem cells costs parents £1,395 for 25 years; once the stem cells have been harvested and stored, they can be used to treat illnesses that the child may develop later in life.

Lisa Bridges, business manager at the practice, said that the opportunity could make a massive difference to parents and their children in the event of the child becoming ill in the future.


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