Thousands of Portugese Children To Recieve Dental Vouchers

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Thousands of children in Portugal are set to receive dental vouchers, it has been confirmed.

Head of the Dental Board, Orlando Monteiro da Silva, confirmed that 250,000 children in government-run schools will receive vouchers and for the first time, this year the scheme will be open to 16 year olds. Vouchers will be distributed to children aged 7, 10, 13 and 16 years old.

The vouchers are valid for use for the entirety of the school year; however, parents have been advised to use their vouchers as soon as possible to ensure that they get an appointment for their child. The vouchers enable parents to get free dental care for their children and three thousand dentists are participating in the scheme, with parents able to choose whichever participating clinic they wish. Children who are not covered by the scheme can also get some help with cost by registering with a practice involved in the programme.

Health ministers have also confirmed funding for pregnant women and the elderly, with a total budget of 16.5 million Euros for the oral health programme.

An oral cancer screening programme has also been agreed and health ministers are hoping to have it up and running next year; the aim of the scheme is to educate people about oral cancer and encourage them to attend regular checks.

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