The Singing Dentist returns to share advice and spread smiles

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As the coronavirus takes hold on the UK, the Signing Dentist has returned to spread smiles and share advice.

Dr Milad Shadrooh has been releasing parody videos for around four years now, but after taking a break, he has returned to social media to educate people about the risks associated with the virus. Having previously covered artists like Ed Sheeran, Dr Shadrooh has now adapted Vanilla Ice’s classic tune ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ to encourage people to stay at home and lower their risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus. The video has already gone viral and been shared millions of times, and it helps to send an important message at the same time as making people laugh. Ice T clearly approved of the new version of his song, as he shared the clip with millions of followers on his Instagram feed. 

Speaking about the video, Dr Shadrooh said that it was essential that people understand the importance of taking steps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. The song encourages listeners to wash their hands on a regular basis, as well as to continue taking good care of their teeth. There’s also a critical message about social distancing.

Dr Shadrooh suggested that the impact of the outbreak would be “huge” and urged everyone to do their bit and follow the latest guidelines to protect themselves, their loved ones and NHS workers.

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