The Oral Health Foundation urges dental professionals to get involved in National Smile Month 2019

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The Oral Health Foundation is encouraging dental professionals all over the country to get involved in National Smile Month 2019. The charity’s annual event will take place between the 13th May and the 13th June.

This year, the Oral Health Foundation is hoping that the campaign will reach up to 50 million people. The aim is to promote healthy practices and urge people to take simple steps to protect their teeth and gums.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the charity, said that the campaign is a brilliant opportunity for oral health teams and dental professionals to reach out to members of the public and encourage them to take an interest in dental health. Gum disease and decay, the most common forms of oral disease, can both be prevented by following straightforward steps including attending regular dental checks, brushing twice-daily, and avoiding sugary and acidic foods and drinks.

National Smile Month is usually very well-supported by dental clinics, community dentistry teams and pharmacies, and this year, the charity is hoping that the campaign will be bigger than ever.

To facilitate involvement, the Oral Health Foundation has published a guide entitled, ‘What a difference a smile makes,’ which is available to download via the charity’s website.

The 2019 campaign will once again feature My Smiley Selfie, an interactive activity that is designed to encourage people to share photos of their smiles on social media, and the Oral Health Foundation will be teaming up with Phillips to promote the hashtag #Habits4life. This is designed to spread simple messages about the importance of daily cleaning, regular dental visits and healthy eating.

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