The number of complaints about GP and dental services in Wakefield falls, new figures confirm

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New figures revealed a decrease in the number of complaints made about GP and dental services in Wakefield. Data released by Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) showed that the number of written complaints has fallen since 2016/2017.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, the CCG received a total of 571 written complaints about GP and dental services in the area, but this year, the total dropped to 459. This represents a decrease of 15 percent.

In Wakefield, a proportion of 36 percent of the 459 complaints were upheld and 11 percent were partially upheld. Fifty-three percent of claims were found to be unsubstantiated. Complaints can be made about any member of staff, from primary care frontline doctors, nurses and dentists to support staff, including receptionists and porters.

Nationally, the number of complaints increased by 4 percent to nearly 95,000.

Patients’ rights group, Healthwatch, suggested that commissioning groups receive a diverse range of complaints and added that the number of complaints can vary hugely from one part of the country to the next.

A spokesperson for NHS England said that more than 1 million people use the NHS in any given 36-hour window, and feedback is incredibly important to iron out issues, improve patient satisfaction and ensure that services achieve the desired outcomes.

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