The Full Effects of the Recession can Barely Be Seen by Some

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For many businesses, the recent economic and financial crisis has caused many to fold and cease trading. However, for one dental clinic this is something they have not encountered and, instead are seeing the number of customers they have on their books increasing rapidly.

From Liverpool, the ‘Chris Mercier Dental Implant Clinic’ has seen the number of their patients steadily climbing. The news of this was seen as a positive for sure especially by a spokesperson for the Clinic who commented on this news: “We’re delighted to see so many people taking their oral health seriously, and get the work done on their teeth that needs doing.  In the current economic climate where every penny counts, it’s encouraging for us to see that people are still looking after their teeth.”

The dental professional at the helm of the clinic is Chris Mercier who specialises in dental implants which helps patients who have teeth missing. The Clinic also offers teeth whitening services and this is becoming increasingly popular not just with the patients that have been at the Clinic for a substantial period but also the newest patients which Mercier treats.

Found on Rodney Street, it can be easily accessed, especially as it is located in the centre of Liverpool. If you want to find out further information or about how you might want to join the ever growing ranks of patients the ‘Chris Mercier Dental Implant Clinic’ treats, visit or call 0151 709 7948.


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