Tennessee Man Ignored Dental Issues Nearly Costing Him His Life

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A man from Knoxville, Tennessee almost died after several warnings from his dentist.

John Roth, aged 70, suffered a severe stroke last year, which almost cost him his life. The stroke occurred after he had received several warnings from his dentist that his oral health had severely deteriorated. He stated he was having a drink with some friends when he dropped his glass and ceased speaking. He said that he knew something bad was going to happen to him at that point.

New research suggests that there is a causal link between oral health and the increased risk of strokes and heart disease. This is caused by an inflammation of the surrounding arteries caused by infectious bacteria found within the mouth, due to gum disease and tooth decay problems.

If oral hygiene is kept in a poor state the body’s immune system can no longer fight the bacteria there, due to constant and excessive levels.

Dr Malone, John’s dentist, stated that ‘things didn’t look right’ in his case and also said that he’s seen a dramatic increase in tooth decay over the past 10 years. Dr Malone then went onto say that sugary drinks were the main culprit. He finally states that avoiding brushing your teeth after drinking fizzy drinks all day will dramatically increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.

After John’s shock, he decided to take on a much healthier lifestyle and managed to lose a huge 25 pounds.

It is important to maintain the oral health guidelines set out by your dentist. This includes, brushing twice daily for at least two minutes, preferably in between meals. It is also ideal to invest in a mouth wash and to regularly floss in order to remove any debris caught in between the teeth.

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