Teenager singer hits the high notes again after battling throat cancer

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A talented teenage singer has realised his dream of singing again after being diagnosed with oral cancer when he was just ten years old.

Eddie said that he had always dreamt of being a singer but his world was turned upside down when doctors found a tumour in his throat when he was at primary school. The operations to remove the tumour were successful but they left Eddie with severe paralysis on one side of his face, which made it very difficult to sing. Eddie was determined to sing again though and he taught himself to sing by doing vocal exercises.

Eddie has now started a tour and is lined up to feature in the next series of the X Factor; he recently came third in a World Music Radio competition and he has amassed a large following on Myspace and YouTube. Eddie is also studying for a BTEC qualification in music at South Birmingham College.

Eddie said that he has been encouraged by people’s positive feedback and comments on social networking sites and is now more determined that ever to try and forge a career in music. he started by posting videos of himself on the sites and he now has a large following; as a result of this, he started to organise small concerts and is looking forward to doing more gigs and attending the X Factor auditions in the near future.



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