Tatton MP encourages the Prime Minister to provide more information about dental practice reopening

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The MP for Tatton, Cheshire, has urged the Prime Minister to provide more information about the reopening of dental practices.

Esther McVey said that she had spoken to several dentists who were confused about when they could reopen due to a lack of information provided by the government in its roadmap for lifting lockdown. There are suggested dates for opening restaurants and hair and beauty salons, but there is no mention of dental clinics.

Ms McVey said that dental professionals are aware of the importance of using PPE and maintaining incredibly high standards of hygiene and infection control, and suggested that many are ready and willing to open their doors to patients again. At present, there is a lack of clarity, which is causing confusion for dentists and patients. 

Speaking about the situation, Ms McVey said that dental workers are aware of the risks of Covid-19 and they are well-placed to introduce additional measures to provide ‘vital’ services at the same time as keeping colleagues and patients safe. According to the Conservative MP for Tatton, the government should now be advising dentists to open or providing more detailed information about anticipated reopening dates. 

Some dentists are concerned that patients are missing out on treatments due to clinics remaining closed, and there are also fears about the financial implications of prolonged closures. Studies suggest that over two-thirds of practice owners are worried that they will not be able to survive if restrictions are not lifted soon. Dentists have also voiced anxieties about standards of oral health deteriorating in the months and years ahead.

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