Swindon dental team returns from charity mission in Kenya

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A dental team from Swindon has recently returned from a charity mission in Kenya.

Dentists, Peter and Alison Redford, practice manager, Kelly Wills and dental nurse, Claire Morrison, from One Wood Street Advanced Dental Care, visited Kenya to provide much-needed dental care to people living in remote villages in the Rift Valley and the Masai Mara.

Peter has been to Kenya several times, and is always eager to return. It’s clear to see that dental care is an unaffordable luxury for most, and standards of oral health in rural villages tend to be poor. The people he has treated are very poor, but they’re also incredibly strong, and always very grateful for the help and care he provides. Going out to Kenya enables him to use his skills to benefit others, and although the trips are draining and challenging, he always leaves with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

This time, Peter was joined by members of his team, as well as follow volunteers. During their stay in Kenya, the group travelled around, using portable equipment to set up makeshift clinics. At first, the villages tended to be quiet, but once work had spread that the team was in town, queues formed, and many people were eager to take advantages of the treatments on offer.

The team coped with logistical challenges, such as commuting an hour and a half to work each day, and powering the surgeries using a single generator.

Dental nurse, Claire, said that she was scared of everything before she left for Kenya, but she found the entire experience amazing, and incredibly “humbling.”

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