Swindon dental patient praises local NHS staff following urgent dental hub visit

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A Swindon dental patient was full of praise for the NHS after visiting a new urgent dental care hub.

George Bevir, 41, had started treatment for an abscess in March before practices were closed and he was due to go back a few weeks after the initial appointment. When lockdown measures were introduced, George assumed that he would have to wait and he had hoped that his symptoms would continue to dissipate. After the abscess was packed by his local dentist, George was feeling better, but around two weeks ago, he started to experience severe symptoms again.

At first, George was reluctant to seek help and he thought it was very unlikely that anything could be done, but he called his local dentist and after undergoing telephone triage, he was advised to visit an urgent dental care centre in Swindon. George had severe pain, his face and neck were swollen and he felt generally very unwell with the abscess, so it was a relief to be told that he could have an appointment straight away. George made his way to the hub, where he was met in the car park by a nurse, who took his temperature. After seeing the dentist, who had all the relevant PPE, George felt better instantly. His tooth was extracted and within 20 minutes, he was heading home. 

After his visit to the urgent dental centre, George said that he was very impressed with the service and encouraged anyone who does need urgent medical or dental treatment not to be worried about seeking help. The NHS is continuing to provide care for patients with problems that aren’t related to COVID-19, as well as those affected by the virus.

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