Straumann Dental takes Large Stake of Dental Wings

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Straumann Holding AG, a Swiss dental company specialising in making and producing dental implants, has bought a significant portion of the Canadian based, privately owned dental firm, Dental Wings.

The Basel based, Swiss company is internationally known for its implants and is the only company to specialise in surgical, restorative and regenerative dentistry, but one area it has been trying to break into for an extensive time is digital dentistry.

Dental Wings, which operates out of Montreal, is a leading developer of digital dentistry and Straumann Holdings are hoping to capitalise on their skills with the 30 percent stake they now own.

Dental Wings is known for its specialisation in software, which it uses for design and manufacture as well as for making three dimensional scanners that Straumann Holdings are hoping will further improve both companies already impressive record in the dental field, as well as improve the level and range of quality they can offer to their customers.

In a statement made shortly after the news of the purchase, Straumann Holdings said that it had shown interest in investing in Digital Wings in March 2011 by announcing a partnership with the company in order to open a standard software platform that could be used across numerous dental applications.

This move will most likely signal an improvement in an already growing area of the company, as last year Straumann Holdings overtook long term rival, Novel Biocare in the race to become the biggest producers and makers of dental implants and the Swiss company hopes to prove its commitment to the new field of digital dentistry.

After the purchase the company stated: “The need for standardisation in digital dentistry is acute as the number of different systems has risen considerably, adding complexity for dentists and dental laboratories.”

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