Stoke charities join forces to promote better dental health for children

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Two high-profile charities in Stoke have joined forces to promote better dental health for children.

UNHM (University Hospitals of North Midlands) Charity, which supports Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital, Stafford, has teamed up with Stoke City Community Trust to launch a new campaign to boost oral health standards in the city. The campaign will highlight the damage caused by popular sugary foods and fizzy drinks in a bid to encourage children and adults to make healthier choices.

The campaign is the latest initiative launched as part of the ‘Keep Stoke Smiling’ programme. As well as raising awareness of the importance of diet and good oral hygiene, the campaign will also be delivering more than 5,000 free tubes of toothpaste to local residents. The toothpaste products have been kindly donated by Colgate. Children will also be invited to attend PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) lessons, which outline the health and social benefits of having a healthy, attractive smile.

Statistics suggest that rates of decay are among the highest in the country in Stoke, with around 25% of 5-year-olds displaying symptoms of tooth decay. The average child misses four school days due to dental health problems and five-year-olds are consuming the equivalent of a bath tub full of fizzy drinks each year.

The ‘Keep Stoke Smiling’ campaign is led by consultant orthodontist at UNHM, Karen Juggins, who said that it was fantastic to be working with Stoke City Community Trust to tackle dental problems and encourage the city’s youngsters to make healthy choices. Decay is prevalent among children in Stoke but initiatives designed to improve education and raise awareness can make a difference. Ms Juggins also thanked Colgate for their incredible donation of 5,000 tubes of toothpaste.

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