Stamford dental nurse to join volunteer programme in Tanzania

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A dental nurse from Stamford is set to join a charity volunteer programme in Tanzania.
Natasha Bray, 33, has been selected by Bupa Dental Care in Stamford to participate in a volunteer scheme run by Bridge2Aid. The charity has been working in Tanzania for several years now, and their main aim is to train and provide education for dental practitioners. By providing training and allowing practitioners to develop new skills, the charity is enabling more local people to benefit from dental services. The ratio of dentists to patients is very low, and increasing the number of practitioners is making a hugely positive difference to communities across the African country.
In addition to its training schemes, Bridge 2 Aid also runs temporary clinics to provide pain relief and dental treatment for adults and children, many of whom haven’t seen a dentist before. Natasha will be part of a team responsible for treating patients, and she’ll be working long days in conditions that will be very different to those at home in Stamford.
Natasha is already looking forward to the 10-day trip, which takes place in November, and she is planning to start fundraising in the coming weeks. She needs to raise £1,000 to cover the cost of the trip before she flies out to Tanzania in the autumn.
Bridge2Aid operates in some of the world’s poorest countries, helping to provide pain relief and dental care to people who would otherwise not have access to even the most basic dental care and to train and educate much-needed dental practitioners.

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