Specialist vet drafted in to cure Toby the tapir’s toothache

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Keepers at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Somerset called upon an expert with a huge amount of experience in treating larger animals with troublesome teeth to help Toby the tapir recently.

Keepers at the zoo in Wraxall contacted Dr Peter Kertesz when Toby started to struggle after cracking one of his upper canine teeth. Dr Kertesz is the founder of Zoodent International and has extensive experience in working with mammals that require dental treatment. Dr Kertesz has travelled all over the world, and he has been involved in some incredible procedures over the years. The Zoodent International founder has treated a wide range of animals, including Sumatran tigers and elephants.

Toby, who is 17 years old, has lived at the zoo for the last 11 years, and he is a very popular resident. Tapirs pose a complex challenge for vets because they have large canines, and to treat Toby, Dr Kertesz and his team had to remove a tiny section of the jaw to extract the damaged canine. It was essential to act quickly because the tooth could have become infected and caused potentially serious complications.

The procedure to remedy Toby’s toothache went well, and he was cared for by keepers before returning to his enclosure. He is expected to make a full recovery and be back to his energetic self very soon.

Zoodent International was founded by Dr Kertesz to provide a specialist dental service to zoos and wildlife parks.

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