Spalding Dental Duo to Provide Care for London’s Homeless This Christmas

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A husband and wife team from Spalding are preparing to bring smiles to homeless people in London this Christmas after volunteering to take part in a project organised by Crisis. Alison and Christoff Du Plessis will volunteer between Christmas and New Year, providing emergency relief for people in pain and arranging further treatment when needed.

The couple applied to help Crisis after noticing an advert in the British Dental Journal. They thought it seemed like a good opportunity to help out at home, as they have already travelled to Argentina and the South Pacific.¬†Alison said she didn’t think twice about volunteering after seeing the advert, as people often forget that there is a need for dental help in the UK.

Alison and Christoff met in sixth form and have always been interested in travelling. Now, they have the chance to help out in the UK and are looking forward to their next challenge. Training takes place on Sunday 13th December and the couple will be based in South London on December 27th, 28th and 29th.

After Christmas, the couple will travel to London and spend three days providing basic dental services. Many of the people they expect to see will not have been to the dentist in a long time and they are prepared to encounter a wide rang of dental issues.

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