Southend dental duo returns from Syrian refugee camps

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A dental duo from Southend has returned from an emotional trip to help Syrian refugees living in camps in Greece.

Dentist Salma Daou, as well as dental nurse Lorraine Wellmen, visited northern Greece as part of a project run by Healthpoint Foundation. The duo, from Parmar Dental in Southchurch Road, wanted to help out after seeing stories on the news, and reading pieces written by dentists who had already spent time in Thessaloniki.

Salma and Lorraine travelled out to Greece with fellow Healthpoint Foundation volunteers. During their stay, they visited a series of camps in the region, providing basic dental care. There are over 100,000 refugees spread across 15 camps, and the demand for health and dental care is high. Salma said that the group was incredible, and made up of friendly people, who all wanted to make a difference.

Salma has volunteered overseas before, but she said this experience was different, largely because the people the team met had been through such a tough time. Many people had lost absolutely everything, and been separated from family members. Nurse, Lorraine, described the experience as “heart-breaking”, but said she was keen to volunteer again, and the aim is to return once the next wave of refugees arrives from Syria.

Practice manager, Debbie Berry, said that everyone at Parmar Dental is incredibly proud of Salma and Lorraine.

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