Some patients are waiting up to 4 years for NHS dental work

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According to recent figures, one Scottish patient was made to wait more than 4 years to receive dental treatment. 

The government are under pressure to get their act together, with claims that it’s treating dentistry as an “optional extra”. 

In response to the report, the Scottish government has taken “decisive action” to combat the issue for prolonged waiting times by launching a ‘waiting times improvement plan’. A spokesperson for the Scottish government said: “We will continue to work with boards to ensure this additional funding delivers the substantial and sustainable improvements needed.”

They’re even aiming to clear the backlog of patients waiting for treatment by working with a local clinic to carry out inspections and treatments if necessary. 

Other statistics from further reports reveal that:

  • One patient waited 243 weeks for oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Other patients waited 126 and 131 weeks for dental work.

The British Dental Association has also commented on the newly released figures, acknowledging that hospitals face “huge pressures” to deal with the number of patients coming through their door. 

A professional association for dentists said there has been: “years of under-investment and a failure to support high street practice.” With emphasis on the lack of staff and resources to provide patients with adequate care. 

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