SmileDirectClub’s SmileBus set to visit Milton Keynes

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A mobile dental unit, the SmileBus, run by SmileDirectClub is set to visit Milton Keynes on Wednesday, June 9th.

The SmileBus will be hitting the streets during the day, providing free 30-minute consultations for patients who are interested in tooth straightening treatment. SmileDirectClub is a private provider, which offers removable aligners with premium tooth whitening at a cost of around £1,540 or £70 per month as part of a payment plan.

The SmileBus will visit numerous locations across the UK in the coming weeks and months with a view to providing a simple way for patients to find out more about orthodontic treatment and start the process. Patients will have access to 30-minute sessions, which will enable them to ask questions and gather information about the treatment process and benefit from 3D imaging. If they choose to go ahead with treatment, they will be provided with custom-designed, removable aligners.

The information collected during the consultation is analysed by UK-registered dentists and orthodontists to ensure that individuals are suitable candidates for treatment in advance. Treatment takes an average of 4-6 months and patients have access to support and assistance throughout their treatment.

David Cran, vice president of the company, explained that many people are struggling to get an appointment at the moment. The SmileBus makes it easy for those who want straighter teeth to get the smile they deserve.

Research commissioned by SmileDirectClub suggests that 46% of Brits have found it difficult to get an appointment during the pandemic as practices were closed, they were forced to join waiting lists or they had to travel too far to see a dentist.

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