Smile Makeover Turns Mum Of Twos Life Around

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For many years Donna Morrison was too ashamed to smile due to her rotting teeth and bleeding gums. She would hold her hand over her mouth when speaking to anyone but very close family members because of the shame and embarrassment she felt at the state of her teeth.

Now the mum of two’s life has changed as she is now the owner of  perfect teeth due to winning Glasgow Smile Gallery’s dental makeover competition in conjunction with the Daily Record. Donna can now look in the mirror with pride at her perfect looking white teeth and healthy gums.

Debbie, who is a nurse and lives in Glasgow described living with rotting teeth and the embarrassment and pain she suffered with how her teeth looked and  how they felt as they crumbled away. She said she found it very difficult to eat certain foods due to the pain of her teeth crumbling.

Her teeth started to crumble about four years previously after having root canal treatment. She found that the health of her teeth worsened after this as she always had looked after her teeth previously. As her teeth got worse she felt too fearful to return to the dentist and put it off time and time again.

Donna jumped at the chance of entering the smile makeover competition as this would change her life and stop her feeling so self-conscious and socially withdrawn. Donna is now the proud owner of dental implants and shiny new veneers.

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