Sheffield dental practice to offer free mouth cancer checks in November

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A dental practice in Sheffield will be providing free mouth cancer checks in November to support Mouth Cancer Action Month. 

The One80 Dental Centre for Advanced Dentistry is offering patients a free 15-minute screening check to raise awareness of a deadly disease, which has become more common in the UK in the last decade. 

Nigel Rosenbaum, owner of the Totley practice, said that many people are still unaware that mouth cancer exists, and awareness of risk factors and symptoms is poor. This means that the majority of cases are only diagnosed when symptoms become more advanced and there’s a high risk of cancerous cells spreading. 

Oral cancer kills more people than testicular and cervical cancer combined, yet the public is largely unaware of the warning signs, and this has to change, according to Mr Rosenbaum. 

Oral cancer screening is a short, painless test, which involves looking at the soft tissue of the mouth and throat in detail and using technology to identify potential abnormalities. Oral cancer checks are also carried out as part of routine check-ups. Symptoms to look out for include lumps and swelling in the mouth and throat, slow-healing sores and ulcers, red and white patches in the mouth, unexplained oral pain and a persistent sore throat. 

Mouth Cancer Action Month is an annual campaign, which is run by the Oral Health Foundation in partnership with the Mouth Cancer Foundation. The main aims are to urge people to be mouth aware and to ensure they attend regular dental appointments. If symptoms are spotted early, the chances of survival can be up to 90% higher. 

To book a free screening check, patients are advised to contact the practice directly.

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