Scottish dental firm seals deal with Russian distributor

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Dundee-based dental firm, 3D Diagnostic Imaging, has entered the Russian market.

3D Diagnostic Imaging has closed a deal with a Russian distributor to distribute its innovative CarieScan Pro device, an early detection instrument for dental decay. The distributor has been named as IT Stom.

This will be the first time the Scottish firm has entered into the Russian market; however, the company has already secured distribution deals across Europe and in Canada and Asia. The company has recently revealed that it has signed an agreement with Henry Schein Inc to distribute the device in the USA.

The CarieScan Pro is a hand-held device, which can identify decay in the very early stages; this means that decay can be treated before it becomes more advanced and causes symptoms including pain and sensitivity.

IT Stom was founded in 1992 and runs a dental clinic and private education centre in Moscow.

3D Diagnostic Imaging announced that they had made 2.7 million pounds thanks to a financing deal; this money will be used to increase manufacturing capabilities and reduce the cost of the manufacturing process.

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