Scottish dental chain secures funding boost to facilitate further growth

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Scotland’s largest dental chain has secured a funding boost to facilitate continued growth.

Clyde Munro has secured a funding package worth £10 million from Investec. The firm will use the money to acquire more dental practices as it approaches the milestone of running 50 practices in Scotland. Owner, Jim Hall, is expecting to reach the target in the coming weeks.

Clyde Munro already provides services for over 400,000 patients across Scotland, but Mr Hall has ambitions to grow the business further. In recent months, the chain has added new clinics, with many owners looking for ways to offload the stresses and strains of running the business side to focus more time on patient care. Clyde Munro offers dentists the opportunity to continue working and relieve anxieties related to business management at a time when many teams are under more pressure than ever.

Currently, Clyde Munro has 47 practices on its books, but there are deals in the pipeline to complete the acquisition of a further six practices in the weeks to come.

Mr Hall set out with a vision to establish ‘Scotland’s family dentist’ and he is working with dental teams to provide access to high-quality dentistry in friendly, familiar settings. There are now Clyde Munro practices all around the country, providing an array of dental services for adults and children. All clinics are open following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

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