Scotland’s Elderly Residents Missing Out On Important Dental Care

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A new survey has revealed that a large proportion of Scotland’s elderly residents are missing out on important dental care.

A survey carried out in Glasgow revealed that a large proportion of elderly people living in care homes are not registered with a dentist, while many are not getting the level of care they need. The poll suggested that around half of care home residents needed treatment, while 6 per cent required urgent dental treatment.

There are several factors, which may be contributing to a lack of services for older people, as people are living longer and retaining their natural teeth for longer and this has undoubtedly increases pressure on resources.

The ageing nation was identified as an issue many years ago, but it will take a long time to adapt the system and find funding to cater for older people, especially as budgets are being reduced, rather than increased in many departments.

It is a good sign that life expectancy is increasing and people are keeping their teeth for longer, but it does that mean that older people need more intensive dental care than they used to in previous generations and this has an impact on the provision of dental services.

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