Schoolchildren celebrate Dental Health Week

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Schoolchildren in Campbelltown have been celebrating Dental Health Week by learning about healthy eating, brushing their teeth and looking after their gums.

Children from Minto and Claymore public schools received a visit from local dentist, Dr Matthew White as part of the event, which was held to promote good oral health and raise awareness of the dangers associated with poor oral health. Dr White, of Family Dental Care, spoke to the children about oral hygiene, healthy eating, emergency dentistry and oral hygiene products during informative sessions. The sessions were designed to teach children about looking after their teeth and gums and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which will contribute to all areas of their health, not just their dental health.

Staff from Family Dental Care also spent time with pre-school children in the area; they said it was important to instil good habits from an early age, as this can help to improve standards of oral health and reduce the need for carrying out painful, complex treatments in the future.

Children are suffering from oral health problems, including gum disease, tooth erosion and tooth decay from an increasingly early age, with some children as young as two being admitted to hospital for dental care. Dentists say poor oral hygiene habits, coupled with a diet filled with sugary, acidic foods and drinks are to blame; however, they hope that informative sessions, like those run by Dr White will help to change children’s habits and encourage them to be healthier in the future.

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