San Antonio Residents Flock to Free Dental Clinic

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A free dental clinic attracted huge crowds in San Antonio on Tuesday afternoon (24th March), underlining the need for affordable dental care in the city.

5 Star Dental Group offered free dental treatment on Tuesday as part of the Dentistry from the Heart initiative. Dentists, nurses and hygienists all over the USA take part in the charity programme, which is designed to enable people who struggle to afford dental care to get the treatment they need. These events, which are held throughout the year, attract many people and so many turned up to the 5 Star clinic that dentists had to turn some people away.

For many people, free clinics represent the only means of accessing dental care and many who turn up at events have not seen a dentist for a long period of time.

Experts have advised people who are struggling to see a dentist to look out for local events and consider visiting a dental school for treatment. The School of Dentistry at U.T Health Science Center is currently looking for new patients and treatment is available at heavily discounted rates. Treatment is provided by students in their final years of study, so it may take a little longer than usual. However, students are supervised by trained professionals and this is an effective way of accessing affordable dental treatment.


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