Salisbury Dental Nurse Returns from ‘Amazing’ Trip to Kenya

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A dental nurse has shared her “amazing” experiences after returning from a charity mission in Kenya. The trip was organised by the charity SmileStar.

Tilly Batchelor, 23, was part of a team of 10 volunteers who offered their time and skills to help people in need in remote Kenyan communities. During the two week trip, the team (which was made up of both dental and medical professionals) treated hundreds of people to ease pains and help reduce the risk of more serious illnesses further down the line.

Tilly admitted that the experience was eye-opening and completely different challenge to the work she faces daily back in the UK. The team worked on garden chairs and used basic equipment to provide treatments including extractions and cleaning treatments. Tilly and her fellow volunteers also took the time to offer advice and provide people with information about oral hygiene and gave out supplies such as toothbrushes.

Tilly has been working as a dental nurse for four years now and said she has always wanted to visit foreign countries and volunteer. The experience exceeded her expectations and she is already looking forward to more trips in the future.

The nurse thanked all her patients, friends, family members and colleagues from Heatherstone Dental Practice for their kind donations and well wishes. She said she will forever be grateful to Lindsey Whitfield for introducing her to Mitesh Badiani, the founder of SmileStar.

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